Homestead Motel - Your Home Away From Home

Homestead Motel

Your Home Away from Home
  1. Rates
    Our rates are always competitive with other properties in the Granby area. 1 person: $60.00 2 people 1 bed: $70.00 2 people, 2 beds: $85.00 3 people: $95.00 4 people: $105.00 Tax is 6.0%
  2. No Smoking
    We do not have smoking rooms. When smoking outside we ask the following: Close the room door behind you . This will keep the smoke outside and the heat inside. Put your butts in the ashtrays provided rather than flicking them onto the ground and do not smoke near open windows or doors. We do not allow Marijuana smoking.
  3. Kitchens
    We have 3 rooms with full kitchens in them. They are set up for 2 people in the room. The kitchens are supplied with basic utensils, full size refrigerator, oven, microwave and coffee pot as well as a table to eat at. For access to a kitchen there is an additional $20.00 fee above your nightly rental. All other rooms have a small refrigerator and microwave.
  4. Discounts
    Seniors: 10% discount Servicemen and women: 10% discount (Active and Retired) 3 nights in a row: 10% discount (some restrictions apply) Get our punch card and get every 7th night free (some restrictions apply).
  5. Reservations
    We do take reservations with a credit card number and phone number. We require a 24 hour notice if you are not coming. Your card will be charged if you do not call us with your cancellation or change in reservations 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. Just call us at 800-669-3605.
  6. Long Term Rentals
    Monthly: $850 per month We have 3 monthly rooms available in the winter season only. These will be with kitchens and only 1 person - no pets. We do not do monthly rentals in the summer season. Weekly: $360.00 for 7 days. 1 bed, no pets. $510.00 for 7 days. 2 beds, 2 people. Kitchens if available. No cooking (except in microwaves) in rooms without kitchens.
  7. Pets
    Pets are welcomed for a $10.00 fee. Owners must accompany their pets outside and clean up after them (we provide poop bags for your convenience). Please keep them on a leash while outside to keep them safe. Pets may not be left in the rooms alone. They get anxious locked in a strange place without their people and can chew, bark, pee and more when left alone. Please take them with you when you go anywhere for any time.
  8. Additional People
    We do not have rooms available for more than 4 people. For safety reasons, we can not allow more people than there are beds for. We will do all we can to accommodate larger parties.
Inexpensive lodging near Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake and Winter Park. In the Colorado Rocky Mountains.